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Climate Change

Extreme weather, erosion, rising sea levels and efforts to reduce fossil fuel use will reshape our world in coming years. Climate change matters for planning because its impacts will profoundly affect planners' efforts to ensure a sustainable future and shape better communities. That's why CIP works to build planners' knowledge of climate change and their capacity to use mitigation techniques and adaptation strategies at the local, national and international levels.


NEW! Climate Change Annotated Bibliography

CIP's Climate Change Committee (CCC) is proud to launch a series of annotated bibliographies. This initiative explores the dynamic and challenging issues that affect the ability of the planning profession to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, while adapting to the impacts of climate change. The committee encourages all members to read and share the bibliographies. Questions or comments regarding the Annotated Bibliographies can be directed to the CCC Chair, Mike Sullivan MCIP, RPP at

Issue 01 – The Super-Wicked Problem of Climate Change
Issue 02 – Legislation in a Changing Climate
Issue 03 – Managing the Complexity of Climate Change through Planning
Issue 04 – Incremental Implementation Strategies for Taking Action on Climate Change
Issue 05 – Pathways to Action - Mitigation

CIP is advancing these goals by:

  • Championing action on climate change policy both within Canada and globally;
  • Facilitating the exchange of information between scientific experts and policy planners;
  • Helping members learn about how to take climate change into account in their planning activities;
  • Working to ensure that climate change is integrated into planning education; and
  • Collaborating with federal government departments to develop reliable data, adaptation tools and mitigation techniques for planners' use.

CIP Climate Change Policy Review

In 2009, CIP launched its Climate Change Policy, followed by tools and resources on climate change adaptation. Now, in 2017, the Climate Change Committee will review the policy and its subsequent tools and resources to measure its impact and identify gaps, opportunities, and next steps. The process will begin with the dissemination of the fourth CIP Climate Change Benchmarking survey to the membership, PTIAs, planning schools, and other stakeholders and partners. For updates and more information about our Climate Change initiatives, please continue monitoring our website, newsletters, and social media outlets. 

For further information about CIP's work on climate change, see:

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