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Membership Fees

In order to access CIP membership, a planner must also obtain membership in their Provincial and Territorial Institutes and Associations.

CIP is pleased to offer a suite of member services for a fair and competitive price.

Membership Fees

Membership Category Fees (2017)
Full Certified Member
A professional planner who has completed all of the Candidate certifications, holds a university degree from an accredited planning school, program, and has attained and documented at least 2 years of practical work experience.
$190.92 + Applicable Taxes* 
A planner who is in the process of certifying with the Professional Standards Board and has met some (but not all) of the requirements to becoming a professional planner. 
$190.92 + Applicable Taxes* 
An individual who has declared her/his intention to seek certified membership with the Professional Standards Board, but who has not yet met admission criteria. (For example, this individual may have a planning degree but is not yet working in planning)
$190.92 + Applicable Taxes*
Non-Practicing / Retired Member
A certified member who is on leave (maternity, sabbatical, paternity) from regular employment. A Retired member is a former practitioner who has fully retired from planning, and is in good standing with CIP and/or their PTIA. 
$74.50 + Applicable Taxes*
A post-secondary planning student who is currently enrolled full-time in a university planning school/program which is formally accredited by the Professional Standards Board.
$22.03 + Applicable Taxes*
Public Associate Students
A post-secondary student who has an interest in planning and  is currently enrolled full-time in a university/program (non-planning), which is not accredited the Professional Standards Board. This is a non-voting category of membership.
$22.03 + Applicable Taxes*

Professional Liability Insurance Premiums

Membership Category Professional Liability Insurance (2017)
Full Member (MCIP/RPP) - mandatory $51.00 (Manitoba add 8% PST)
Candidate/Provisional - mandatory $51.00 (Manitoba add 8% PST)
Non-Practicing - optional $51.00 (Manitoba add 8% PST)

* Please note:

  • 5% GST for BC, NT, NU, YK, AB, SK, MB, QC
  • 13% HST for ON
  • 15% HST for NS, NB, PEI, NL

Totals should be adjusted accordingly.