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Professional Standards Committee for the Planning Profession in Canada (SC)


The Professional Standards Committee for the Planning Profession in Canada (SC) was established in 2012 to serve as a joint policy-making body with responsibility to set standards as well as the oversight, maintenance, and revision for the planning profession’s certification, accreditation, and ethical standards.
The SC is volunteer-based, comprised of one professional member from each of the Signatory Parties. The Signatory Parties are the Provincial and Territorial Institutes and Associations (PTIA) and the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP). The SC is led by a Chair who is elected by the members of the SC, and secretariat support provided by the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP).
The volunteer members provide the overall direction for the SC by developing and setting the Committee’s annual work plan and proposed budget (both of which are subject to input and approval by the Signatory Parties). The volunteer members play key roles on sub-committees and working groups of the SC and are responsible for coordinating key projects and initiatives. At a minimum, SC meetings are held quarterly with one in-person meeting per year.
All policy recommendations made by the SC must receive the unanimous support of the Signatory Parties before incorporation into the Membership Standards Policy Manual (MSPM). Each year in July, an annual meeting of the Signatory Parties is held to review and consider the adoption of the following year’s proposed SC work plan and budget. 
The Professional Standards Board for the Planning Profession in Canada (PSB) is responsible for the administration of the professional, accreditation, and ethical standards and certification as set out in the Membership Standards Policy Manual. 

Standards Committee Members (from West to East):
PIBC – David Block RPP, MCIP
APPI – Scott Pragnell RPP, MCIP (SC Deputy Chair)
SPPI – Carissa Donaldson RPP Candidate
MPPI – Erin McCleery RPP, MCIP
OPPI – Chris Tyrrell RPP, MCIP
API - Gay Drescher RPP, MCIP (SC Chair)
LPPANS (Non-Voting) – Luc Ouellet LPP, MCIP
CIP – Nina Maher RPP, MCIP

Photo L to R (2019 Members):Erin McCleery RPP, MCIP, Ian Goeres RPP, MCIP (2019 SC Deputy Chair), Scott Pragnell RPP, MCIP (2019 SC Chair), Kerry Pateman RPP, MCIP, Nina Maher RPP, MCIP, Chris Tyrrell RPP, MCIP, Gay Drescher RPP, MCIP