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Provincial and Territorial Institutes and Associations

CIP’s relationship with its Provincial and Territorial Institutes and Associations is evolving to more effectively meet common needs.


Through the Professional Standards Committee, CIP and these other organizations share responsibility for the ongoing development, maintenance and application of professional standards and membership processes. Work continues to transfer full responsibility for professional standards and membership to the Provincial and Territorial Institutes and Associations in accordance with the Planning for the Future initiative.

Our recently-adopted 'Planning Pool' model of collaboration is helping us take partnerships to the next level. It enables us to:

  • share job information, tools, resources and professional learning opportunities;
  • advance joint projects;
  • foster networking; and
  • provide services to planners nation-wide.

CIP's Provincial and Territorial Institutes and Associations are...

Alberta Professional Planners Institute
President:Président : Misty Sklar, RPP, MCIP
Executive Director:Directeur général : MaryJane Alanko
Mailing Address:Adresse postale : P.O. Box 596, Edmonton AB T5J 2K8
Courier Address:#205, 10940 - 166A Street Edmonton, AB
T5P 3V5 - c/o Vici Designs
Tel:Tél : (780) 435-8716 or (888) 286-8716
Fax:Facs : (780) 452-7718
E-Mail:Courriel :
Atlantic Planners Institute
President:Président : Kate Greene, MCIP, LPP
Executive Director:Directeur général : Jennifer Griffiths, MCIP, RPP
Mailing Address:Adresse postale : 35 Ascot Court Fredericton, NB E3B 6C4
Tel:Tél : 506-455-7203
Fax:Facs : N/A
E-Mail:Courriel :
Manitoba Professional Planners Institute
President:Président : Dave Jopling, MCIP
Executive Director:Directeur général : Lise Carbonneau
Mailing Address:Adresse postale : 2nd Floor - 137 Bannatyne Avenue Winnipeg, MB R3B 0R3
Tel:Tél : (204) 943-3637
Fax:Facs : (204) 925-4624
E-Mail:Courriel :
Ontario Professional Planners Institute
President:Président : Paul Stagl MCIP, RPP
Executive Director:Directeur général : Mary Ann Rangam
Mailing Address:Adresse postale : Suite 201, 234 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto ON M4P 1K5
Tel:Tél : (416) 483-1873 or (800) 668-1448
Fax:Facs : (416) 483-7830
E-Mail:Courriel :
Ordre des urbanistes du Québec
President:Président : Donald Bonsant
Executive Director:Directeur général : Karina Verdon
Mailing Address:Adresse postale : 85 Ouest, rue Saint-Paul, 4e étage Suite B-5, Montréal QC, H2Y 3V4
Tel:Tél : (514) 849-1177
Fax:Facs : (514) 849-7176
E-Mail:Courriel :
Planning Institute of British Columbia
President:Président : Andrew Young MCIP, RPP
Executive Director:Directeur général : David Crossley
Mailing Address:Adresse postale : Suite# 1750, 355 Burrard St., Vancouver, BC, Canada V6C 2G8
Tel:Tél : 604.696.5031
Fax:Facs : 604.696.5032
E-Mail:Courriel :
Saskatchewan Professional Planners Institute
President:Président : Karen Bolton MCIP, RPP
Executive Director:Directeur général : Marilyn Steranka
Mailing Address:Adresse postale : 505-2300 Broad Street Regina, SK S4P 1Y8
Tel:Tél : (306) 584-3879
Fax:Facs : (306) 352-4195
E-Mail:Courriel :