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ÂME 2018 - Présentations

Découvrez ce qu’on entend par ÂME quand on parle d’urbanisme, dans le cadre du congrès national de l’Institut canadien des urbanistes et du Manitoba Professional Planners Institute, ÂME 2018, qui se tiendra du 19 au 22 juillet 2018 à Winnipeg, au Manitoba. Un endroit où, pendant des milliers d’années, les peuples autochtones des Prairies ont pris soin du territoire, au confluent de la rivière Rouge et de la rivière Assiniboine; où les fermes rurales se sont étendues dans toutes les directions, à l’époque où le Manitoba est entré dans la Confédération; et où, dans les années qui suivirent, Winnipeg est devenue la porte d’accès à l’Ouest. L’histoire du Manitoba, son paysage unique, ses racines autochtones, son paysage culturel diversifié et son tissu social solide ont façonné les collectivités de toute la province. Notre culture, nos environnements et nos histoires façonnent les espaces qui nous entourent – des espaces qui reflètent l’ÂME de nos collectivités. Alors que nous répondons aux besoins actuels et futurs, nous sommes mis au défi d’insuffler une ÂME à nos travaux d’urbanisme, afin de créer des collectivités dynamiques et prospères.   Le programme du congrès ÂME 2018 vous mettra au défi de réfléchir au concept de l’ÂME dans le contexte du travail des urbanistes du Canada, de combiner l’aspect pratique à l’aspect conceptuel, à travers le prisme des paysages en évolution de nos villes et régions.
Nom du projet 
Code de session
Opening Remarks & Keynote Speaker- Dr. Leela Viswanathan KEY-1 20/07/2018 Leela Viswanathan
Keynote Speaker - Zachary Mannheimer KEY-2 21/07/2018 Zachary Mannheimer
Keynote Speaker - Paul Kennedy KEY-3 22/07/2018 Paul Kennedy
In Our Backyard: The Joy of Working on Controversial Projects SS-01 20/07/2018 Devan Cronshaw, Bronwyn McLean,
Kaela Schramm
The Soul of a Street: From Infrastructure to Inspiration on Dundas SS-02 20/07/2018  Shonda Wang, Tunde Paczai
Notes from a Music City:  Actions to Protect and Grow Toronto's Music Industry SS-03 20/07/2018 Andreas Kalogiannides, Christina Heydorn,
Mike Tanner
Urbanizing Suburbia: the Canadian Experience SS-04 20/07/2018  Dan Leeming, Alex Taranu,
David Gordon, Eric Turcotte
Reinforcing the Soul:  Strategic Growth Plans in Fredericton and Saint John SS-05 20/07/2018 Tim Smith, Mark Reid
A Story of Water: Shoal Lake 40’s Journey to Freedom SS-06 20/07/2018  
From Application to Approval: Can Municipalities Use Subdivision Regulation to Foster Soulful Places SS-07 20/07/2018 Wilson Phillips, Greg Tramley,
Janis Pochailo
The Forks Railside: Placemaking in the Historic Heart of Winnipeg SS-08 20/07/2018 Johanna Hurme, Sasa Radulovic,
Tom Janzen
D.I.Y. Neighbourhood! Toronto's 'How-To' Guide for Infill Development SS-09 20/07/2018 Shonda Wang, Alex Heath
Zoning for Soul: The Relationship between Zoning, Streetscaping, Public Art and a Sense of Place SS-10 20/07/2018 James Hudson, Andrew Ross
Projet Bonaventure: de l’autoroute au boulevard SS-11 20/07/2018 Pierre Sainte-Marie
Bringing the UN's New Urban Agenda to Canada's Healthy Communities SS-12 20/07/2018 Sasha Tsenkova, Theresa Tam,
Olimpia Pantelimon
Building Inclusive Communities: Planning for Rural Migration into Northern Ontario SS-13 20/07/2018 Sara Epp, Wayne Caldwell
Stories of Climate Resiliency: Valuable Lessons on Community Identity from Extreme Weather SS-15 20/07/2018 Jo-Ellen Parry, Randall Shymko
It’s About Time! A New Tool for Measuring Convenient Access to Public Transit SS-16 20/07/2018 Kyle Wiebe
AuthentiCITY: Designing cities for their people SS-17 20/07/2018 Jill Robertson
Redraw, Challenge, and Reimagine: Student Perspectives on Selected Topics in Planning SS-18 20/07/2018 Paulette Rappaport, Lissie Liberatore, Joseph
Forgotten SOUL of our Rural Communities - The Fight to Stay Alive! SS-20 20/07/2018 Nick Pryce
Reflections on Identity and Heritage at Ottawa's Chateau Laurier SS-21 21/07/2018 Sally Coutts, Allison Hamlin,
Randolph Wang
Layer by Layer: A New Spatial Data WebApp for Manitoba SS-22 21/07/2018 Jeremy Sewell, Greg Kaletzke
ltst uw’hw-nuts’ ul-wum – We are Working as One: Stz’uminus First Nation and the Town of Ladysmith SS-23 21/07/2018 Felicity Adams, Jennifer Fix
Soul Searching: Finding Soul in Halifax’s Centre Plan SS-24 21/07/2018 Kasia Tota, Justin Preece,
Luc Ouellet
Canadian Brownfield Redevelopment: Stories of Revitalization SS-25 21/07/2018 Greg Atkinson, Tara Tran,
Stephanie Bohdanow
Sites and Sounds on Prince Edward Island: The Intersection of Ethics and Mandate SS-26 21/07/2018 Samantha Murphy, Helen Kristmanson,
Pooja Kumar
Costly or Crucial?  Stories of Development Cost Charges from the Prairies SS-27 21/07/2018 Shanie Leugner, Ryan Nickel
Hitting the Streets! Improving Active Transportation through Dynamic Community Engagement SS-28 21/07/2018 Natalie Geddes, Brian Patterson,
Jeannette Montufar
Grit and Growth: Hamilton's Approach to Intensification for Revitalization SS-29 21/07/2018 Heather Travis, Shannon McKie
Partnering for Growth: How Five Saskatchewan Municipalities Found Shared Ground SS-30 21/07/2018 Rebecca Row, Bonnie Gorelitza
Beyond "Pop-Planning": Building Healthy, Equitable, and Soulful Communities SS-31 21/07/2018 Shannon Clarke, Sandy Mackay,
Sarah Ravlic
FEMOPOLIS: Cities for Women, Cities by Women, Cities with Women SS-32 21/07/2018 Jennifer Fix
The Future of City-Building: Perspectives from City-Building Professionals SS-34 21/07/2018 Renée Gomes, Paul Kennedy,
Johanna Hurme, Mike Scatliff,
Jeannette Montufar
Parks as the Soul of Community: Park Provision and Policy across Canadian Cities SS-35 21/07/2018 Douglas Olson, Chris Hardwicke,
Andrew Palmiere
Zoning for Cannabis SS-36 21/07/2018 Jeff Pratte, David Neufeld,
Solomon Israel, Olimpia Pantelimon
Press Time: Benefiting Communitites through Media SS-37 21/07/2018 Kristin Annable, Jason Syvixay,
Brent Bellamy
Inuit Sustainability Practices in Master Planning at Kinngaaluk Territorial Park SS-38 21/07/2018 Trent Workman, Chris Grosset
Surfacing the Soul of Professional Fellowship: Stories from CIP Fellows SS-39 21/07/2018 Cyndi Rottenberg-Walker, Dan Leeming,
Ian Wight, Alex Taranu,
Beate Bowron, Marta Farevaag,
Patricia Maloney
Community Action Through Culture: Prince Albert's Municipal Cultural Action Plan SS-40 21/07/2018 Judy MacLeod Campbell, Lenore Swystun, Samantha Mark
Building Bridges: How Community Collaboration & Spirit Influenced the Osborne Bridge Rehabilitation SS-41 21/07/2018 Nick Kowalchuk, Eduardo Aquino,
Susan Freig, Doug Stewart
Dealing with Odour Nuisance in Rural Communities SS-42 21/07/2018 Don Malinowski, Qiang Zhang
Back To Our Roots: Growth Management Planning in a Changing Political and Economic Climate SS-44 22/07/2018 Rachelle Trovato, Liisa Tipman
Resting Places on the Road to Recovery: The Reinvention of Motels as Transitional Housing SS-45 22/07/2018 John O'Reilly
Exploring Western and Haida Planning Paradigms SS-46 22/07/2018 Frances Dietrich-O'Connor, Miles Richardson
(Re)Planning Places of Worship SS-47 22/07/2018 Marcella Poirier, Stephanie Morris-Rashidpour,
Barbara Myers, Jaime Posen
Community First: Putting People at the Heart of Planning in Sydney, Australia SS-49 20/07/2018 Rukshande Silva
Regenerative + Resilient Development and Design SS-51 22/07/2018 Mona Lemoine, Chris Grosset,
Donald Hester
Story Session 1 STORY-01 20/07/2018 Sean McManus, Waleed Albakry,
Michael Erlanger
Story Session 3 STORY-03 20/07/2018 Kristen Elkow, Lisa Konopski,
Jake Tobin Garrett
Story Session 4 STORY-04 21/07/2018 Ian Mauro, Justin Preece,
Patricia Dehnel, Aaron Murnaghan
Story Session 5 STORY-05 21/07/2018 Elicia Elliott, Donald Hester,
John Heseltine
Story Session 6 STORY-06 22/07/2018 Teunesha Evertse, David Gordon,
David Smith
Whole-Hearted Engagement -Three Powerful Tools for Generating Collaborative Stories WOR-06 20/07/2018 Sherrill Johnson, Amelia Shaw