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Anne Beaumont FCIP

Anne Beaumont was born in Wales in 1940.  She earned a B.A., Joint Honours in Geography with International Politics, from the University of Wales in 1962.
She worked in Manchester as a High School teacher, and as a Town Planning Assistant. In 1967 Anne and her husband emigrated to Canada. 
Anne then moved to various positions in Ontario Ministries of Municipal Affairs, Treasury, Economics and Intergovernmental Affairs from 1967 through 1982—interrupted to gain a M.Sc.(Pl) in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Toronto in 1971.  Her positions with the Province became increasingly responsible, including Director of the Official Plans Branch and Director of the Community Planning Advisory Branch where she provided sound and responsible advice to both municipalities and development proponents.  During 1982-85, Anne was Executive Director of the Community Planning Programs Division, providing a range of research, advisory, educational and financial assistance programs that supported municipal planning, including a new theme of energy conservation.  After a period from 1985 through 1989 that focused on corporate services, Anne finished her career as Assistant Deputy Minister of Housing Policy and Programs with the Ministry of and Housing.  In this position, she led the development and administration of policy and legislation for social housing, private and rental housing, tenant protection, the Ontario Building Code and the construction sector until she retired in 1999.  In her ten years in the Ministry of Housing, she worked with three markedly different government to write legislation on rent control and to address affordable housing shortages.  After retiring from the provincial government, she became president of Beaumont Consulting in Toronto and a research associate with the Centre for Urban and Community Studies at the University of Toronto.
She was the first woman in the Commonwealth to be elected President, in 1979, of a national professional planners’ institute—providing strong leadership to CIP through her skill and diligence.  Anne was on the Board of the Toronto Chapter of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada, the Board of the McGill Club, Co-Chair of the National Housing Research Committee, a member of the Canadian Council on Building and Fire Codes, was on the Advisory Council for the planning program at the University of Toronto, and served on other committees for CMHC and FCM. 
Anne was elected as a Fellow in recognition of a stellar career as a civil servant where she was influential in improving Ontario’s planning and housing policies, her leadership in the planning profession both in Ontario and nationally, and her important influence in the training of a generation of planners that worked for her.  Anne promoted CIP’s National Task Force on Energy. 
She worked tirelessly, advised fearlessly, and served the community and the profession.  Another Fellow described Anne as not only weathering the storms of politically different governments, but she kept the planning ship afloat and on course.