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Antony L. Parr FCIP

Antony (Tony) Parr RPP, FCIP, ARIBA retired from the City of Burnaby in 1995 where he worked as the Planning Director for 27 years and Municipal Manager for his last 3 years.

Born in England, Tony received a majority of his education there before immigrating to Vancouver, Canada in 1957.  Tony initially graduated as an architect from the Leicester College of Architecture in 1953 and Association of the Institute of British Architects (ARIBA) in 1954. Deciding to pursue an education in city planning he went back to school in Urban Planning before spending 2 year in the British Army.  Upon leaving the Army, Tony moved to Vancouver, BC in 1957 and took a job as an architect with Eaton's Canada.

Realizing his greatest interest and passion was in urban planning, one year after landing in Vancouver, Tony moved to Victoria and became the Director of Planning for Saanich, BC.  During that time he worked closely with Mr. Brahm Wiseman, the then Director of Planning in Victoria.

After 6 years in Saanich, Tony moved his family to North Vancouver in 1964 and began his long and illustrious career with the City of Burnaby.  As Planning Director in Burnaby, Tony believed in inclusiveness and accessibility through the creation of planning processes and decisions that are open to public discussion and consultation; a common standard today but a progressive concept in the 1970’s and 1980’s.  Tony was responsible for both long range and current planning, advocating for clear planning policies and orderly expansion of Burnaby at a time of significant population growth and changing demographics within the community.  Tony built a Planning Department at Burnaby that was recognized by many in the planning field and civic government in general as “pragmatic without sacrificing values or principles” and was considered a “model” department with forward-thinking planning principles. 

Tony says that during his tenure as Planning Director in Burnaby one of the more notable changes he was instrumental in driving was the creation and conservation of a major open space system, balanced by increased residential densities and the establishment of several town centres to bring a “sense of place” to Burnaby.  Tony carried his philosophy of openness and thoughtful, coordinated planning to his role as Municipal Manager in Burnaby for the last 3 years of his career before retirement, where he was responsible for balancing the needs and priorities of five municipal departments (Administration, Parks, Engineering, Planning and Health).

Tony became a member of the Canadian Institute of Planners in 1974 and a Fellow in 1997.  In 2015, Tony and his wife of 62 years continue to reside in North Vancouver and is a proud father to 5 children, 17 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.