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Armin Preiksaitis FCIP

Armin Preiksaitis is founder and president of ParioPlan, an Edmonton-based consulting firm he established in 1996. Armin's planning career spans almost 40 years and combines experience as a municipal planner and manager, president of a downtown development corporation and planning consultant. He is a strong advocate of urban redevelopment that emphasizes livability, compactness and quality urban design.

Shortly after graduating from the University of Waterloo in 1973, Armin joined the City of Edmonton. In his roles as Planner and Manager, he oversaw innovative projects that included the City's first TOD planning study and Downtown Plan. Before starting his consulting practice, Armin acquired expertise in public-private partnerships to catalyze new downtown development in his 10 years as President of the Edmonton Downtown Development Corporation.

Armin's planning expertise covers a broad spectrum that includes statutory plans, zoning bylaws, housing studies, urban design plans, rezoning applications, economic development plans and community consultation. He has prepared many award-winning redevelopment plans for municipalities throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan and has a large portfolio of private sector redevelopment projects. Armin has consulted on most of Edmonton's major infill rezoning projects in the last decade. Throughout his career Armin has hired and mentored dozens of young planners, many of whom have gone on to hold prominent positions in the public and private sectors.