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Beate Bowron FCIP

Beate Bowron is the President of her company Beate Bowron Etcetera with over 35 years of experience in the ever-evolving field of professional planning. Her motto if they tell you no, ask how has stood her in good stead in achieving results in planning for better municipal governance, sustainable cities, climate change adaptation and community economic development.

Beate's practice is committed to involving the public in the planning issues that affect their lives and resolving conflicts and building consensus for better decision-making. Throughout her career she has been able to apply her professional values and principles in Canada, including the Territory of Nunavut, and internationally in China, South Africa, Guyana, Ukraine, Ethiopia and The Philippines.

Beate is a past Chair of Conflict Resolution Canada, a former Community Planning Director for the City of Toronto’s South District (including the Downtown and the Waterfront) and a Senior Associate of the Canadian Urban Institute.