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Gerald Hodge FCIP (D)

Dr. Hodge has greatly influenced the education and training of several generations of professional planners, politicians, and activists involved with community and regional planning. His formal teaching career has spanned over 30 years, first at University of British Columbia, then the University of Toronto, and then as Director of the School of Urban and Regional Planning at Queen’s University. Throughout his career, he was known for the rigor he applied to planning research and practice, and was a trail blazer in planning courses and curriculum. He was also a mentor to hundreds of students, many of whom went on become leading Canadian planners. Dr. Hodge is a vigorous and accomplished researcher and the author of numerous significant books, several of which are seminal and widely used in Canadian planning schools. Dr. Hodge has also been a strong an effective advocate for planning within the university and professional communities, as well as local and national agencies with a planning mandate, including the CMHC. His role as a leader in Canadian planning was honoured with the CIP President’s Award in 2008, and it is now long overdue, that we welcome Dr. Hodge to the College of Fellows.