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Kathy Dietrich FCIP (D)

The late Kathy Dietrich made an incredible impact on her colleagues and practice during her life. Her work at the Town of Cochrane on implementing a rare Community Revitalization Levy financial tool to support the redevelopment of a high-profile contaminated downtown site is an award-winning example of achieving inner-city redevelopment. Her work to revolutionize on the approach to development charges at the City of Calgary is an illustration of transparency in process, fostering relationships with city builders and creating a sustainable fiscal arrangement to support city growth. It is being looked at by municipalities across Canada as a way to undertake their own review of development charges and improve their relationship with the development industry. Kathy was also involved in the educational system throughout her career, delivering lectures and courses at universities, and helping develop curriculum for professional seminars. She exemplified strong leadership and mentored many colleagues and young planners, assisting them to improve their interpersonal skills, strategic planning, political acumen, collaboration, and relationship building.