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Kelley Moore FCIP

Few planners over their careers have made such a transformative impact on not only their communities, but also on the profession as Kelley Moore. For over 20 years, Kelley has worked to enrich the lives of others through her exceptional physical and social planning expertise and exemplary collaborative and community building processes. Her career has included work at the local, provincial, and international levels in both public sector planning as well as in the private sector.
Kelley Moore is an award winning practitioner who has been recognized for her leadership and accomplishments in several complex multi-stakeholder projects. Early in her career, at the City of Saskatoon, she elevated local area planning from a general consultative process to a hands-on collaborative planning and design process that has been emulated and adopted by many planning departments across the country. She later applied this expertise as a volunteer in Trinidad and Tobago, working with communities in those countries through a partnership between the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).
At the Province of Saskatchewan Ministry of Social Services, Kelley and her team were a co-recipient of the distinguished Premier’s Award for Service Excellence in 2013, and, in 2019, she was awarded the Deputy Minister’s Award for Building Organizational Culture. One of the projects that was recognized for its outstanding impact was her work on residential and day program services for people with disabilities. Using a collaborative approach with meaningful engagement, this work resulted in the dramatic improvement of the quality of life for citizens in need across the province. Since then, Kelley has continued to apply herself in many ways by volunteering for the profession and continuing to advance planning initiatives in her public sector roles as well as through her consulting practice, Prairie Wild Consulting Co.
In addition to her remarkable accomplishments as a practitioner, Kelley’s contributions to the profession are truly worthy of special recognition for the extraordinary impact they have made on the profession. In 2015, when the Canadian Institute of Planners organization was suddenly facing potential dissolution, Kelley Moore stepped up to help lead an initiative to rebuild the Institute. As Co-Chair of the FutureFORWARD Task Force, Kelley helped lead and shape the work that resulted in a re-invigorated, stable, and well-managed organization. To ensure the smooth implementation of the Task Force’s recommendations, Kelley went on to serve as a member of the CIP Board. For this work, in 2016 she and the other members of the FutureFORWARD Task Force were awarded CIP’s President’s Award for Distinguished Contribution to Planning.