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Peter R. Walker FCIP

Peter Walker is one of the pre-eminent land use planners in the country, with a distinguished career spanning over 46 years. Throughout his career, Peter has contributed his time and expertise to a number of important affiliations including, as the former Director of the Central Ontario Chapter of Ontario Professional Planners Institute (OPPI), the Chairman of the OPPI Chapter Membership Committee, the former Director of the Ontario Association of Planners, the Director of the Ontario Expropriation Association and a Member of the President's Joint Council on Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Toronto. The list goes on and on. Peter was elected a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Planners in 1999 in recognition of his significant contributions to the profession of land use planning.

Peter's professional experience has covered a vast range of assignments, including as a Consultant to regional, municipal, county, provincial and federal governments; the preparation of planning policy for many urban and rural areas; planning, designing and managing many prominent mixed-use, commercial, industrial and institutional projects and residential communities across Canada; redevelopment, revitalization and rehabilitation projects; and providing experienced opinions and consulting services relating to environmental, lease arbitration, and expropriation matters.

In the course of becoming one of Canada's top land use planners, Peter has appeared before numerous agencies, committees, Councils, provincial panels, tribunals and courts, and brings to each project the depth of this extraordinary experience.