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R. Bruce Duncan FCIP

After graduating from the University of Toronto in 1964, Bruce started his career at the City of Windsor, Ontario. In 1969, he and his wife Brenda moved to Hawaii where Bruce initially worked for the City and County of Honolulu in various capacities. He later accepted a position with a land development firm for several years, and then returned to the City and County of Honolulu as Deputy Director.

Moving to Edmonton in 1980, Bruce served as the General Manager of the Planning and Development Department for approximately 15 years.  In 2005, he started his own consulting firm and did extensive work with the young planners with the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Planning Department.

Bruce has always cherished the role of educator and has been a mentor to many young planners and planning managers. Professionally, writing and presentation skills were his area of pride and passion.

In community planning, the Department's efforts were recognized in 1995 with an Award of Excellence from CIP for the Boyle Street/McCauley Area Redevelopment Plan. Bruce's leadership in Strategic Planning also resulted in an Award of Excellence, this one in 1999 for Plan Edmonton: A Plan and A Process, Edmonton's strategic Municipal Development Plan.
In 1994, Bruce had the opportunity to chair the host Committee for the Canadian Institute of Planners National Conference. He is also one of the founders and leaders of the International Winter Cities Committee, which promotes good planning, appropriate technology and innovation in the cold-climate cities of the world.

Bruce has accomplished what many of us in the field only dream of—leading a major planning department for 15 years. He has been a distinguished representative of the profession to other managers, professionals, elected officials and stakeholders with whom he has worked.