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Stephen Jewczyk FCIP

Stephen Jewczyk is one of the best known planners in Newfoundland and Labrador.  He has had a long career in the public sector, beginning in Ontario, then moving to St. John's, NL, in 1977 to become the Town Planner for the St. John's Metropolitan Area Board (Metro Board).  In 1989 he became the City Planner for the City of Mount Pearl.  He now serves as their Director of Planning and Economic Development.

Over the years, he has been one of the most high-profile planners in Newfoundland and Labrador, including terms as the President of the Atlantic Planners Institute (1983-85) and the President of the Canadian Institute of Planners (1991-92).

Stephen guided the Metro Board Municipal Plan, which focused the growth of a ring of unincorporated communities surrounding the capital city of St. John's.  Many Metro Board communities grew large enough to become their own municipalities.

When Stephen moved to the City of Mount Pearl in 1989, he joined a fast-growing municipality which had been raised from Town to City status the previous year, becoming Newfoundland and Labrador's second most populous municipality (behind St. John's and ahead of Corner Brook).  The 1990s were a period of significant growth for Mount Pearl.  Stephen advocated for sensible planned growth, including residential and commercial intensification, building on the planning work done by the Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation.

He has been a champion for the planning profession, locally with API's Newfoundland and Labrador Branch, regionally with API, and nationally with CIP.  He has advocated for good planning practice to Metro Board, to the City Council in Mount Pearl, and to the Province through the Department of Municipal Affairs.

Stephen's approach to planning work is marked by professionalism, fairness, and consultation, with an openness to new ideas and a desire to keep abreast of best practices and trends.  This approach to his work has helped raise the profile of the profession and the Institute.  Over the years, he has had extensive contact with municipal and provincial politicians, cabinet ministers, mayors, municipal colleagues in other departments,  professional colleagues in other municipalities, property developers, architects, engineers, and residents.  He has a willingness to listen and a desire to promote the benefits of planning.

Stephen organized Mount Pearl's Urban Design Awards, given for the first time in 2005.  These recognize good design in residential and commercial development.  As a result of his efforts, Mount Pearl is noted as a city committed to long-range sustainable planning and to community participation in the planning process.

In his personal life, he is involved with the Stella Burry Corporation on assisted housing, employment programs, and counselling for people facing significant financial or health challenges.  He is also active with Cochrane Street United Church as well as with sports and cultural groups, including minor hockey, ball hockey, swimming, and Scouts Canada.