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W.G.A. (Bill) Shaw FCIP

Bill commenced his planning career in 1970 as a junior planner with the Red Deer Regional Planning Commission. His appreciation for the diverse environments of the region and its many municipalities, including small villages, a growing dynamic city and diverse rural counties, enticed Bill to remain in Central Alberta through his entire career. In 1989 he became the Director of the Regional Planning Commission, a position he held until 1995 when the Provincial Government disbanded the regional planning system. To provide seamless municipal planning support, with the cooperation of 21 municipalities Bill established and served as Director of Parkland Community Planning Services, essentially being a multi-municipal planning agency to provide the needed range of planning services to member municipalities, but also entrepreneurial in nature to serve far-ranging non-member municipalities and private sector clients.
Bill contributed often to the affairs of the Alberta Association, Canadian Institute of Planners, including as secretary then president in the 1970s. Subsequently he served for many years as chairman of the Awards Committee and returning officer for annual elections. In 1990 he was Chairman of the National CIP Planning Conference in Banff.
His role in the 1980’s on various committees related to the flow management of the Red Deer River further sparked his interest in water related matters throughout the region. When water issues arose to the fore in the early 2000’s Bill was appointed as a member of the Red Deer River Basin Advisory Committee which made recommendations to the Province on water management in southern Alberta. Recognizing the need to better relate water management and land use planning, Bill was instrumental in the establishment in 2005 of the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance, and remained on its Board of Directors for many years.
When he retired from Parkland Community Planning Services in 2005, Bill began a private consulting practice. He assisted numerous communities with various policy plans, conceptual site plans and land use bylaws, as well as individual landowners with site development plans, and served as an advisor to the Red Deer River Municipal Users Group. As part of his oversees mission service, he prepared a concept plan for an orphaned children’s village in Tanzania and a school/residential site in Haiti.