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Wojciech Wronski FCIP (d)

Wojciech Wronski was a native of Warsaw, Poland.  He fought with the ‘Red Lion’s Brigade’ in the Second World War and in 1944 was awarded the Polish Military Cross.
After the war, he moved to London, UK, where he obtained his B. Sc. (Econ) and Masters of Town Planning from University College, London.  He joined the London County Council where he worked on the first development plan for the city.
He came to Canada in 1955 to take up the position of Director of Long Range Planning with the City of Toronto.  Later, he moved to become the Director of Planning for the Township (later City) of Etobicoke, a suburb of Toronto.  He was appointed Commissioner of Planning for the Metropolitan Toronto and Secretary Treasurer of the Metro Toronto Planning Board.  This body had considerable influence over planning in the municipalities surrounding the City of Toronto.  In a 1968 report, he provided his vision for the area and championed urban growth beyond the borders of the central city, the development of employment centres throughout the urban region, increased density, infrastructure including rapid transit to support the growth, and the protection of the waterfront and ravines.  In short, he identified most of the issues that dominated Toronto planning for more than half a century.
He was responsible for the Review of the Metro Toronto official Plan in 1972.
In 1974, he was appointed Assistant Deputy Minister, Community Planning where he was responsible for (among many other things) the review of the Planning Act.  The first Planning Act in Ontario was passed in 1946 and it had never been comprehensively reviewed till then.  Many municipalities were chafing under its administrative rules.  A white paper was produced in 1979 and the legislation was enacted in 1983 after his retirement in 1981.
In 1982, he moved into private practice.
He became a Fellow of the Institute in 1983.
After his retirement, he became a Citizenship Judge.