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Ann M. Joyner RPP, FCIP

Ann M. Joyner RPP, FCIP




What are your hopes for the future of the planning profession?
With increasing intensification of cities, we need to more pro-actively and successfully plan for affordability, access to nature (especially for children), social infrastructure and accessibility for all ages.  Environmental planning has never been more important as we tackle climate change mitigation and adaptation in our city building and in our own life styles.
What are a few of your favourite places?

I have a dual love for big cities and for small towns so Toronto, Vancouver, Port Perry and Thornbury are special to me in Canada.  I also have learned a lot from travelling to cities that are less “planned” like Nairobi, Cairo and Kathmandu where the street life is chaotic and vibrant. Historic major city centres provide another cornerstone – London, Paris, New York among many.

Which person has most inspired your work in planning?

The early thinkers about design with nature provided my early inspiration as a planner – Ian McHarg and Bill McKibben’s writing.  Jane Jacobs and writers about bioregionalism also have influenced my approach to planning.

Anything else we should know about you?

I have lived on a small farm for twenty years with my daughters, husband and assorted dogs, cats, chickens, ducks and wildlife.  We raise honey-bees and hops now and I am studying to be a Master Gardener.  I travel to Toronto to my workplace, often on big city projects, so I have experienced the best of both worlds through my life.