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Dan Huang RPP, MCIP

Dan Huang RPP, MCIP




What are your hopes for the future of the planning profession?

I hope that the planning profession continues to be a brave and bold advocate for positive change in communities across Canada, especially for Indigenous communities in achieving self-reliance. What other profession gets paid to be both dreamers and implementers?
What are a few of your favourite places?

Fan Tan Alley in Victoria, the Pearl District in Portland, and the Royal Mile in Edinburgh.
Which person has most inspired your work in planning?

Larry Beasley and Ann McAfee for laying the groundwork in the City of Vancouver, and every elected official who has had to wrestle with competing values and interests in order to make the tough decisions needed to move their community forward.
Anything else we should know about you?

It’s been a few years now, but I used to don a kilt and play the snare drum in a pipe band. Maybe once again in the near future …