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Erin O’Neill RPP, MCIP

Erin O’Neill RPP, MCIP




What are your hopes for the future of the planning profession?

My hope is that planners will continue to become involved in non-traditional planning roles and bring their unique experience of considering the public interest and attention to the entire community to problems and projects rather than continuing to do the things the way we have always done the things.

What are a few of your favourite places?

I love small towns. They have the most unique shops and finding a walkable small town that you can park at one end of main street and walk to the other end and check out all the little shops along the way are my favourite places.

Which person has most inspired your work in planning?

The person that has most inspired my working in planning has been my Dad. When I was thinking about moving to Alberta, I had the opportunity to consider a number of different cities to move to and my Dad asked me “Do you want to build a city or do you want to do infill development?” With that question, I made the choice to move to Fort McMurray and had the opportunity to contribute to shaping the future of planning in Fort McMurray and be involved in large scale projects that shaped my career.

Anything else we should know about you?

Christmas is my favourite time of the year. I’m known for watching too many Hallmark movies, annoyingly singing or dancing to Christmas carols whenever I hear them and buying a new ornament from any place I travel.