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In Canada, provincial and territorial government institutes and associations regulate the planning profession, this means the path to certification can differ across different regions. Planners should consult their regional provincial or territorial institute or association with specific questions.


Who Certifies Professional Planners in Canada?

In Quebec, the l’Ordre des urbanistes du Québec (OUQ) administers its own certification process for planners and should be contacted for more information.

All other regions follow the certification program operated by the Professional Standards Board for the Planning Profession in Canada (PSB). The PSB is an independent organization, incorporated under the laws of Canada and governed by a Board of Directors. It operates under agreements with CIP and the six participating PTIAs to provide the following services:


  • Assessment of applications for Candidate status
  • Verification of mentorship and sponsorship of work experience
  • Delivery of courses and examinations leading to certification as a professional planner

Accreditation of University Academic Planning Programs:

  • Administering accreditation reviews of university planning degree programs based on the accreditation program principles, policies and administrative arrangements

How Do I Become a Registered Professional Planner?

There are five steps to becoming a Registered Professional Planner:

Step 1: Candidate Membership
Step 2: Mentorship
Step 3: Logging Work Experience
Step 4: Ethics & Professionalism Course
Step 5: The Professional Examination
The following following is a step-by-step guide about the process.


To embark on your journey to certification, please contact the PSB.