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Cassandra Caiger

Cassandra is the Engagement Lead for Calgary-based Intelligent Futures. Cassandra has established herself as someone who artfully designs and delivers meaningful community conversations that influence decision-makers and build local capacity. She has led processes that explore issues as diverse as transit, social wellness, urban redevelopment, environmental initiatives, affordable housing, urban agriculture and cultural vibrancy. Cassandra exemplifies two key qualities essential for the 21st-century planner: the ability to effectively navigate varied community issues and the necessary skills to bring citizens, stakeholders and experts into shared conversations about the future.

Cassandra has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to finding innovative and effective ways of bringing diverse voices together to better our communities. She has actively developed a unique talent to demystify complex planning issues and make them accessible for the general public. Cassandra brings informed and well-rounded views into her planning policy and design work, demonstrating the ability to see new perspectives that shape and improve planning efforts.