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Jason Syvixay

Jason Syvixay RPP, MCIP is an urban planner currently completing his PhD in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Alberta. He has a passion for people and places, and engages in city building that listens to community, builds knowledge and capacity, and works towards equity in urban places.

Jason regularly convenes dialogue around pressing urban issues, allowing for a thoughtful exchange of ideas to occur across geography, gender, generational, and racial transects. His writing in the Winnipeg Free Press nudges a new way of thinking, inviting readers to envision the change that is possible in their cities.

As the Managing Director of the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ and a Community Planner with HTFC Planning & Design, Jason has helped to nurture safer, resilient, and inclusive communities, through creative placemaking and participatory planning. More recently, Jason joined the City of Edmonton to develop policy for infill in core neighbourhoods.