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Keltie Craig

Keltie is a planner with a special interest in healthy communities (including active transportation) and innovative engagement. Since joining HB Lanarc in 2008, Keltie has contributed to various municipal and regional plans including a comprehensive sustainability plan for Canada’s Capital Region; Port Coquitlam’s Environmental Strategic Plan; and a Cycling Plan for Ladysmith, BC. She recently led the development of CIP’s Healthy Communities Practice Guide. Her recent projects include work on a citywide food and agriculture strategy for Edmonton, an ICSP in Revelstoke, BC and engagement for an OCP update in Langley, BC.

In addition to her planning work, Keltie is a member of the City of Vancouver’s Active Transportation Policy Council; and performed for four years with the B:C:Clettes—a bicycle-inspired performance collective. She is a founding member of the Healing Cities Institute, a non-profit institute to connect health, planning and design.