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Luke Grazier

President's Award for Young Planners - Honourable mention

Luke received his honours in Regional and Urban Planning from the University of Saskatchewan with high honours and great distinction in 2014. Since he has been working in Nipawin and several other municipalities in North-East Saskatchewan. Luke is the Manager of Land Planning for the Town and also manages the Twin Lakes District Planning Commission.
Luke has worked on several large projects in Northeastern Saskatchewan and has a significant role in many economic development initiatives. The region had not been exposed to a lot of planning in the past. However, in his tenure Luke has formulated OCPs , worked with several developers, and helped Twin Lakes become the model planning district for the Province.
In his spare time he loves to be outdoors in what he believes is the most beautiful place in the world. Luke enjoys spending time with friends, family, and his partner.  Luke also volunteers for a variety of different Community groups, including the Nipawin Business Improvement District, where his Town Square Design won the national Co-op Community Spaces and Places award and grant of $115,000.