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Elevation 2.0 - SS-02: Charlevoix to Coquitlam: From Resort Community Challenges to Curbside Management

July 05, 2022 | Posted byPublié par : CIP | 2.0, Elevation

Petite-Rivière-Saint-François: Cornered Between Charlevoix’s Landscape & Resort Community Challenges

How can a small, century-old community deal with major resort development? Located in Québec’s renowned Charlevoix landscape, Petite-Rivière-Saint-François is encountering disappointing results in coping with the presence of one of eastern Canada’s largest ski resorts. Facing extensive resort development, the community decided to take the lead, to take advantage of the opportunity rather than suffer the consequences. 

How can people – locals and newcomers alike – still afford to live in the community with rising housing costs from increased tourism? How can new, denser buildings fit in without disturbing the village’s traditional architecture and scale? How can a multimillion-dollar resort development help provide essential services for residents? How can visitors and the tourism industry avoid damaging the fragile landscape?  This session will explore the issues and answers that figured in planning the extension of the village core.

Curbside Management in Transit-Oriented Development Areas: Lessons from the City of Coquitlam

In response to public health orders, communities across Canada have leveraged curb spaces to transform streets into gathering places for safe social interaction. These provide room to walk and access businesses, and support curbside pick-ups that maintain economic activity during stay-at-home mandates. 

Coquitlam is undertaking a city-wide parking review to address region-wide mobility trends, support sustainability goals, and accommodate future parking needs. As part of this review, WATT Consulting Group led the Curbside Management Study to develop policies and regulations to manage and balance the wide variety of competing curbside uses within Coquitlam’s Transit-Oriented Development areas. The results included a set of guiding principles, a policy framework, and a toolkit to guide decision-making and implementation of curbside management.




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