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Become a member of the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) and join the largest network of professional and student planners in Canada.

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If you are a planner residing in Québec, and a member in good standing with the l'Ordre des urbanistes du Québec (OUQ), you are eligible to join CIP. Candidate and Full members may also opt-in to CIP’s Professional Liability Insurance program. Apply now for CIP membership and Professional Liability Insurance here.

All other Canadian planners who are Candidate or Full members of a Provincial and Territorial Institute and Association (PTIA), please join CIP directly through your PTIA.

If you live outside of Canada, find out more about CIP’s International Membership options.

Questions? Please contact our membership department.

Member Benefits


BMS Canada Risk Services (BMS) is the exclusive insurance broker for our member liability insurance program. As part of your membership fees, CIP offers Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) coverage for members.


In addition to PLI, CIP members have access to Commercial General Liability (CGL), Legal Entity PLI, Property/Contents/Crime Coverage, Cyber Security and Privacy Liability, Employment Practices Liability (EPL) and Legal Services Package.


Contact BMS

If you have any questions about the liability protection available, please contact BMS toll free: 1-844-294-2714 or via email:

For more information about your Insurance Broker, BMS, and Insurance Regulatory Principles of Conduct, please click here