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ACCENT 2016 Presentations


ACCENT 2016 Conference
July 5-8, 2016

By the numbers: 

  • Nearly 200 presenters 
  • 9 Workshops  
  • 4 Extended Workshops 
  • 6 Learning Tours 
  • 52 Short Sessions 
  • 1 Students presentation 
  • 3 Keynote Speakers + 1 Special Round Table
  • 4 Awards Presentations 
  • 1 Discovery Dinner on the Île d’Orléans
  • 1 Welcome Reception at Le Parlementaire  
  • 1 Conference Dinner at the Musée de la Civilisation

Keynote Speakers: 

  • Phil Enquiest, FAIA (SOM Partner)
  • Dr. Anthony M. Townsend
  • Jean Haëntjens


Tuesday, July 5

  • EE02F: Quebec's Recreational and Utilitarian Bike Network
  • AS01E: CANU "Accent on Design" Urban Design Charrette
  • AS03E - 1: Sharing Responsibility for Climate Change Adaptation
  • ASO3E - 2: Using Games to Engage People on Flooding and Climate Change
  • ASO3E - 3: Sharing Responsibility: The RPP's Role in Climate Planning
  • ASO3E - 4: Case Study: Town of Oakville: Sharing Responsibility for Climate Change Adaptation
  • AS03E - 5: Guidebook on Climate Scenarios: Using Climate Information to Guide Adaptation Research and Decisions
  • AS03E - 6:  The PIEVC Protocol: A Tool for Infrastructure Climate Risk Assessment
  • AS03E - 7: What Do We Mean by "Implementation?"
  • AT01E: Introduction and Implementation of Large Retail/Commercial Urban Design Guidelines

Wednesday, July 6

  • SB02E: Major Issue - Protecting and Developing Water Resources
  • SB03E - 1: The Innovative Bureaucrat - Who Approved That? 
  • SB03E - 2: Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC)
  • SB04E - 1: Are Smart Cities Enough? 
  • SB04E - 2: Applying the Concept of Smart Cities to Rural Communities
  • SB05E: Intervening on the Shoreline of a Capital City
  • SB06F - 1: Land Development and Sustainable Rainwater Management: Terminology, Criteria, and Principles
  • SB06F - 2: Planning and Implementation Case Study: Longueuil Public Market: Sustainable Rainwater Management as a Catalyst for a Sustainable Regional Approach
  • SB07E: Watering Down by Growing Up: Integrating Leading-Edge Water Resource Technologies into Municipal Growth Planning
  • SB09E: Funding the Future: Protecting the Public Interest at the Intersection of Private Funding, Political Influence, and Diverse Stakeholders
  • SB10E: Delivering Density: Lessons from Victoria B.C.
  • SB12F: Participatory Urban Planning as a Lever for Neighbourhood Transformation: The Development of a Linear Trail in Chicoutimi
  • SB14E - 1: Top 10 Lessons of a Life Time
  • SB14E - 2: "Are We There Yet?"
  • SB16E: Planning Healthy Communities: If You Are What You Eat, Then You Are Also Where You Live
  • AT03E: Engineers and Finance Officers: A Planner's New Best Friends?
  • AT04E: Strengthening Agricultural Land Use Policies For Farmland Protection 
  • AT05E: Planners, Places, People, and Passion - Tactical Urbanism as a Tool for Urban Planners 
  • AT06E: Getting Ahead of the Crowd: Entertainment Destinations Capacity Theory, and the Application of Advanced Analytics to Enhance Planning for Vibrant Late Night Entertainment Areas
  • SB18F: Natural Spaces, a Global Issue
  • SB19E: The Great Urban Mashup: Rethinking Contemporary Collaborative Planning from Coast to Coast
  • SB21F - 1: Understanding Residential Demand in the Quebec City Area 
  • SB21F - 2: A Model of Population Projection and a Demo-Spatial Prospective Tool for Land-Use and Transport Planning

Thursday, July 7

  • SB23F: Smart Cities and Our Urban Future
  • SB24F: How Land-Use Planning Measures Can Enhance Road Safety in Quebec 
  • SB26E: Young Creatives Creating the Creative City
  • SB28E - 1: How Planners Can Save the World
  • SB28E - 2: Boston's Climate Planning Fables
  • SB28E - 3: Good to Great Solutions: The Power of a Movement - Working with Networks, Professions, and Politics
  • SB30F: Healthier Sound Environments: How to Prevent the Effects of Environmental Noice By Using Best Practices
  • SB31E: Building Toronto's Waterfront for Resiliency and Innovation
  • SB32F: Using Micro-interventions to Understand, Develop, and Create Public Space
  • SB33F: Urban Planning Practices in an Era of Sustainable Development
  • SB34F - 1: The Electrification of Transportation in the Province of Quebec
  • SB34F - 2: Ville de Montréal stratégie d'électrification des transports 
  • SB34F - 3: Plan d'action en électrification des transports 2015-2020 
  • SB35E - 1: Eau Canada: Climate Change + Vulnerability - What it Means for Planners
  • SB35E - 2: Exploring Community-Level Vulnerability to Environmental Change: Lessons from the West Coast
  • SB35E - 3: Applying Adaptation: Practical Strategies to Create Resilient Communities
  • SB36E - 1: A View of Markham's Growth Strategy from Both Sides of the Counter
  • SB36E - 2: Markham's "A, B, C's" of Planning for a New Community
  • SB36E - 3: Markham Centre: Partnerships in Planning 
  • AT07F: Integrated Design: Innovations in Urban Planning 
  • EE04F: Quebec City's Innovative Streets
  • SB38E: Transforming and Urbanizing Suburbia - the Canadian Experience
  • SB39F - 1: La contribution de l'urbanisme à la création d'environnements favorable
  • SB39F - 2: Pour un urbanisme favorable à la santé
  • SB39F - 3: La contribution de l'urbanisme à la création d'environnements favorables cas vécus, pratiques innovantes
  • SB40E: Measuring Livability in Small Scale Environments for those whoa re Cognitively Impaired: A Review of Hogewey, The Dementia Village Located in Weesp, The Netherlands, and the Dotsa Bitove Wellness Academy, in Toronto, Ontario
  • SB41E: Talking Design with Design Talks
  • SB42F: Building up the Hearts of Big City Neighborhoods

Friday, July 8

  • SB44F: Bonaventure Project: From Expressway to Boulevard 
  • SB45E - 1: Planning Our Cities. Conserving Our Water
  • SB45E - 2: Water Conservation Tools for Municipalities
  • SB45E - 3: Water Restrictions on the "Wet Coast" - Say What?!
  • SB46E: Co-opetition: Approaching Community Design Differently
  • SB47E: Re-imagining the Traditional Suburban Mall
  • SB48F: Discretionary Processes of City Planning: Conditions for Effective Advisory Bodies 
  • SB49E: "Density Done Well" - A Deep Dive for Canadian Cities