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Building Resilience 2017

Our cities, towns, and communities are facing a growing number of changes. From understanding new environmental concerns to responding to shifts in demographics and our globalizing local economies, planners and their colleagues are navigating new realities of what ‘building resilience’ means.
The 2017 Canadian Institute of Planners and the Alberta Professional Planners Institute’s Annual Conference, aimed to support those engaged with building resiliency through an engaging, collaborative, and thought provoking forum to explore this critical aspect of our shared futures. From celebrating successes, to sharing key learnings, to highlighting emerging research and best practices, the conference brought practitioners, policy makers, community leaders, students, and others with an interest in community and regional planning, together in thoughtful dialogue.

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The Redevelopment of the Kensington Legion: An Innovative Model for Social Organizations 6/17/2017 LT-01  David White, Jason Curtis, John Lewis, Mark Barham, Oliver Trutina
Quarry Park, Calgary: From a gravel extraction site to a green, complete community 6/17/2017 LT-02  Benjamin Lee, Gillian Lawrence
Exploring Inglewood: Calgary's Oldest Neighbourhood 6/17/2017 LT-03  Afrah Rayes, Carlie Ferguson, Frank Frigo, Kevin Barton, Marcus Paterson
Main Streets - Where Rubber Hits the Road 6/17/2017 LT-04  Carlie Ferguson, Desmond Bliek, Kevin Barton, Natalie Marchut
Building Community Resilience - A walking tour of Calgary's Emergency Operation's Centre 6/17/2017 LT-05  Mike Luchia, Toby Bellis
From Pilot to Permanent: A Bike Tour of the Centre City Cycle Track Network 6/17/2017 LT-06  Jason Bell, Katherine Glowacz, Kimberly Fisher
East Village + St. Patrick's Island Tour 6/17/2017 LT-07  Amber Osadan-Ullman, Josh Satorelli, Kate Thompson, Mark Johnson
Guided Archaeological Tour - Paskapoo Slopes First Nations Sites 6/17/2017 LT-X  Brian Vivian
Pecha Kucha for Planners Part I 6/17/2017 PKN-01  Chris Madland, Evan Peterson, Isabelle Thomas, Jean Landry, Jonathan Hume, Keira Webster, Madeleine Miller, Pamela Robinson, Pascal Marceau, Patrick Bohan, Patrick Lucas, Philip Dack, Samuel Alatorre, Timothy Shah
Pecha Kucha for Planners Part II 6/17/2017 PKN-02  Carrie Yap, Emily Davies, Hayazouma Fati Machelle Y?, Leslie Evans, Lyna Saad, Patrick Bohan, Rick Stuckenberg
Urban Design Charette 6/17/2017 WOR-01  Alexandru Taranu, Dan Leeming, David Down, Eric Turcotte, Gayle Bursey, Lothar Wiwjorra, Sonny Tomich, Xia Zhang
Urban Land Institute UrbanPlan 6/17/2017 WOR-02 Chelsea Jersak, Jyoti Gondek, Sean Geygan
Development Charges - Someone Has To Pay, But Who? 6/17/2017 WOR-03 Joel Short, Kathy Dietrich, Kim Sare, Lynda Cook, Shanie Leugner
Planning for a Resilient Future - A Spatial and Policy Framework for Community Energy 6/17/2017 WOR-04 Brent Gilmour, Devin Causley, Hugo Haley, Sarah Marchionda, Will Cleveland
The Future Game - An innovative tool for community engagement in regions facing economic transitions 6/17/2017 WOR-05  Lehna Malmkvist
Opening Remarks & Keynote Speaker- Charles Marohn 6/18/2017 PLS-1  Charles Marohn
Charles Marohn: Building Strong Communities - Continued 6/18/2017 PLS1-X  Charles Marohn
Keynote Speaker - Tamika Butler 6/19/2017 PLS-2  Tamika Butler
Closing Plenary Panel - Resilience Panel 6/20/2017 PLS-3  Brad Stevens, Chris Arthurs, Katie McPherson, Katya Sienkiewicz
Resilience through generational adaptations 6/18/2017 SS-01  Komal Shaikh, Rasika Acharya
Biomimicry and resilience 6/18/2017 SS-02  Marjan Eggermont
Women in Planning - A Candid Discussion 6/18/2017 SS-03  Diana Hawryluk, Diane Colley-Urquhart, Gillian Lawrence, Jyoti Gondek, Kathy Oberg
Designing Main Streets as Complete Streets and Places for People: Cross Canada case-studies 6/18/2017 SS-04  Afrah Rayes, Cara Fisher, Erin Toop, Tamas Hertel
Reflections on the Planning Process and Public Participation 6/18/2017 SS-05  David Couroux
Data Systems and Forecasting Models: Examples from Ontario and Alberta 6/18/2017  SS-06  Adam Bentley, David Forsey, David McElroy, Paul Radchenko, Russell Mathew
Kolkajen Masterplan - A case study of resilient masterplanning in Stockholm 6/18/2017 SS-07  Danny Bridson
How to Build a Shared Community Narrative through Historic Preservation & Placemaking 6/18/2017 SS-08  Melissa S. Lee
Good in Theory. When Planning Policies and Community Engagement Aren't Enough 6/18/2017 SS-09  Kathy Oberg, Kenneth Melanson, Liisa Tipman
Social Cohesion, Intersectionality, Creativity & Resilience: Experiences in Metro Vancouver & Beyond 6/18/2017 SS-10  Ellen Woodsworth, Joy Masuhara, Tasha Henderson
Case Studies from Recent Alberta Fires: Slave Lake and Wood Buffalo 6/18/2017 SS-11  Ann Aasfrid Holden, Erin O'Neill, Jamie Doyle, Jill Tapp, Schaun Goodeve
Business Investment and Readiness in Alberta 6/18/2017 SS-12  Erik Karvinen, Jamie Cook
Indigenous Economic and Cultural Resiliency 6/18/2017 SS-13  Aaron Aubin, Lee Crowchild
Growth Management in a Canadian Context 6/18/2017 SS-14  Constance Gourley, Larry Clay, Malcolm Bruce, Melanie Hare, Nabila Haque
Is the Dual Planning System of New Zealand under the Resource Management Act a Resilient Process? 6/18/2017 SS-15 Leonard Dissanayake, Marian Dissanayake
Building a resilient career:  learn some lessons from the Fellows 6/18/2017 SS-16  Alexandru Taranu, Ian White, Lindsay Dale-Harris, Mary Bishop, Patricia Maloney, Richard Parker, Rob Buchan
Pro Forma Analysis and Resilience 6/18/2017 SS-17  Steven Webber
Project Resiliency: Examples from Edmonton 6/18/2017 SS-18  Angela Mao, Imai Thomas Welch, Kirstin Smith Pacheco, Lara Pinchbeck, Madeleine Baldwin, Sean Lee
Implementing the UN New Urban Agenda in Canada: issues, opportunities and responsibilities 6/19/2017 SS-20  Allison Lasocha, Eleanor Mohammed, Elizabeth Ballantyne, Kathleen Heggie, Penny Gurstein, Robert Catherall
Planning for reconciliation & resilience: A cross cultural approach to land use planning in the NWT 6/19/2017 SS-21  Ambe Chenemu, Peggy Holroyd
Building Resilient Governance and Service Delivery Models - Case Studies from the West Coast 6/19/2017 SS-22  Dan Huang, James Klukas
Transit and Infrastructure: Unpacking Impact and Evaluating Planners' Roles 6/19/2017 SS-23 Camille Auble, Lourette Swanepoel, Pierre Barrieau
Transportation Plans: Case studies from Edmonton and Mississauga 6/19/2017 SS-24  Alex Heath, Andrew Miller, Bill Menzies, John Lewis, Nicole Swerhun, Sarah Feldman, Shonda Wang, Stephen Schijns
Flood Resiliency: Examples from Alberta and Manitoba 6/19/2017 SS-25 Andrei Friesen, Jeff Pratte, Khalid Mohammed, Melissa Ayers, Spencer Croil, Stan Schwartzenberger
Affordable Housing and Urban Resilience: Comparative Perspectives 6/19/2017 SS-25A  Abi Bond, Maurice Rachwalski, Sasha Tsenkova
Partnerships for Affordable and Resilient Housing: Lessons from Calgary & Vancouver 6/19/2017 SS-25B  Gary Barron, Jen Arntfield, Penny Gurstein, Teresa Goldstein
Embracing Traditions, Constructing Futures: Reconciling Western Urban Design & Local Culture in Dubai 6/19/2017 SS-26  Sabeen bin Zayyad
ˌrekənˌsilēˈāSH(ə)n/ lessons learned from collaborative land use planning in the NWT 6/19/2017 SS-27  Jessica Hum
Building Community Resilience, Building Libraries 6/19/2017 SS-28  Kate Thompson, Rosemary Griebel, Sarah Meilleur
Critical Reflections on Community Conversations 6/19/2017 SS-29  Andrew Malcolm, Carla Borstad klassen, Robyn Ocean, Tyson Boylan
Creativity and Innovation: Experiences with Tactical Urbanism in Planning Process 6/19/2017 SS-30  David Simor, Jennifer Black, Lindsay Fischer, Tony Churchill
Climate Change and Resiliency in Canada 6/19/2017 SS-31  Carleen Paltzat, Mark Groulx, Michelle Connolly, S. Jeff Birchall, Zoë Meletis
Planning and Evaluating Sustainable Neighborhood Development 6/19/2017 SS-32  Neil Angus
Stampede Park: Calgary's 130 Year Old Resilient Community Space 6/19/2017 SS-33 Christine Leppard, Don Teare, Kristina Barnes, Shannon Murray, PhD
Resilient Canadian Urbanism from Coast to Coast 6/19/2017 SS-34 Alexandru Taranu, Dan Leeming, David Gordon, Eric Turcotte, Jacob Ritchie, Jeremy Sturgess, Nathalie Prudhomme, Susan Haid
Technolgical Advancements and Disruptions: Considerations for Planners 6/19/2017 SS-35 Bruce Cory, Derek Brunelle, Indro Bhattacharyya, Karen Stewart, Morgan Boyco, Paolo Mazza
Planning Strategies to Enhance Community Resiliency 6/19/2017 SS-36 Davin Shillong, Emily Sangster, Shelagh Graham
Food for Thought: Urban Agriculture and Resliency 6/19/2017 SS-37 Bela Syal, Brad Wright, Kathryn Lennon, Kristi Peters Snider, Kristina Bouris, Robert Ollerenshaw
Shorter roads go a long way: the significance of road length per resident 6/20/2017 SS-38  Paul Dec, Tristan Cleveland
Adapting a Public Organization to a Private Market 6/20/2017 SS-39  Michael Brown, Susan Veres
Before the Bulldozer Hits the Ground: Measuring Farmland Loss in Southern Ontario 6/20/2017 SS-40  Sara Epp, Wayne Caldwell
Building Communities: exploring landscape approaches to heritage and diversity 6/20/2017 SS-41  David Ridley, Kevin E. Jones, Kyle Whitfield, Rob Shields
Preparing the Planning Profession for Climate Migrants 6/20/2017 SS-42A  Anna Zhuo, Cristyn Edwards, George Benson, Shirin Karoubi
Flyover Park - Youth Led Community Design 6/20/2017 SS-43  Jen Malzer, Kate Logan, Michael Gray, Tawab Hlimi
Working Towards a Shared History: Creating Equitable Spaces for Planning with Indigenous Communities 6/20/2017 SS-44  Fraser Mcleod, Leela Viswanathan, Lorna Crowshoe, Wilton Good Striker