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Plan Canada ‘Letters to the Editor’

To provide for feedback and a sense of continuity between issues, We are introducing a new feature that invites readers of the magazine to comment on Plan Canada themes, recent articles or identify topics that merit inclusion in future issues. “Letters to the Editor” should be no more than 120 words. Please include your name, PTIA, and location. Write to
To the Editor – ‘State of the Profession’ 
The article by Leela Viswanathan tells us that the "leaky pipeline" needs to be repaired.  No doubt, there could be such a pipeline.  And she rightly advocates for better information to help determine if there is one.  But unless I am missing something (and in an issue which emphasizes elsewhere the importance of "evidence-based planning" as if this is some new concept), nowhere does she actually offer any evidence that actually demonstrates that a "leaky pipeline" actually exists in Canada, with respect to non-Euro-Canadian ascent into the profession. 

Anthony Usher, RPP.
Anthony Usher Planning Consultant is a former president of OPPI and a subscriber to Plan Canada