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Plan Canada - Winter 2022

Looking Back, Looking Forward (Winter 2022)
A critical review of the profession's achievements, shortcomings, and lessons learned to prepare us for a more sustainable future.
The list of complex topics that have so far eluded satisfactory solutions from planners is growing longer by the day, made more challenging by the need to respond to the continuing impact of COVID-19 and a desire to tackle EDI (equity, diversity and inclusion) in a meaningful way:
  • Where are the strategies and actions that will help communities mitigate and adapt to climate change?
  • Can more effective growth management curb urban sprawl?
  • Why are some parts of Canada still allowing development in flood plains, more than 60 years after ‘Hurricane Hazel’ revolutionized environmental planning in Ontario?
  • Why is high-quality urban design that delivers intensification without compromising livability the exception rather than the rule?
  • What is being done to deal with shrinking rural communities and vanishing farmland?
  • Why is unaffordable housing still the norm in cities and towns of all sizes?
  • Do we know what it takes to deliver transport-supportive development?

Faced with these and other challenges, and in recognition of the 20th anniversary of the formation of the College of Fellows, the Winter 2022 edition of Plan Canada invites Fellows to share their wisdom and experience with personal reflections, predictions and prescriptions for a more sustainable future.
But this is also a call for critiques from the membership at large. We want to hear from students, aspiring and early-career-stage planners, including planners enrolled in CIP’s Emerging Leaders Program and anyone with substantive suggestions for solving intractable problems.
This special issue of Plan Canada will be co-led by Editorial Committee member Lyndsay Francis and Kelley Moore RPP, FCIP. 
Articles should be no more than 800-1000 words. Articles co-authored by Fellows and younger planners are also welcome. Start preparing your contribution to this edition of the magazine now!

Deadline for article submission is October 13.

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