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SOUL 2018 Presentations

Discover what SOUL means to planning at the Canadian Institute of Planners and Manitoba Professional Planners Institute National Conference, SOUL 2018 from July 19-22, 2018 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. A place where, for thousands of years, Indigenous Peoples of the prairies cared for the land at the convergence of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers; where rural farms sprouted in all directions when Manitoba joined Confederation; and where years thereafter Winnipeg began to rise as the Gateway to the West. The story of Manitoba; its unique landscape, Indigenous roots, diverse cultural landscape and strong social fabric have moulded communities throughout the province.

Our culture, our environments, and our stories shape the spaces around us – spaces that reflect the SOUL of our communities. As we address current and future needs, we are challenged to incorporate SOUL into our planning work, to create communities that are energetic and thriving.

At SOUL 2018, the program will challenge you to reflect on what SOUL means to the Planning Community across Canada, to mesh the practical with the thoughtful, through the lens of our dynamic city and regional landscapes.

JULY 19 TO 22, 2018



  • Over 150 presenters 
  • 3 Workshops  
  • 10 Learning Tours 
  • 45 Short Sessions 
  • 3 Keynote Speakers
  • 2 Awards Luncheons
  • 1 Welcome Reception at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights


  • KEY 1: Paul Kennedy
  • KEY 2: Dr. Leela Viswanathan
  • KEY 3: Zachary Mannheimer


Thursday, July 19

  • WOR-02: Planning and Design for Soul, Grit and Authenticity - Urban Design Charrette Workshop (Dan Leeming, Alex Taranu, Eric Turcotte)
  • WOR-03: The Climate Atlas: Science, Storytelling and the Future of Planning (Ian Mauro)
Learning Tours
  • LT-01: Soul of the Seine (Glen Doney, Michael Robinson, Kendall Theissen)
  • LT-02: Growing Small-Town Soul (Lacey Gaudet, Stephen Walker)
  • LT-04: Soul  Cycle (Chris Baker, Brian Patterson)
  • LT-05: ACCESS in Practice: Award Winning Inclusive Design (Marcella Poirier, Chris Sobkowicz)

Friday, July 20

Plenary Speakers
  • KEY-1: Opening Remarks & Keynote Speaker – Dr. Leela Viswanathan

Story Session
  • STORY-01: Story Session 1 (Waleed Albakry, Michael Erlanger, Sean McManus)
  • STORY-03: Story Session 3 (Kristen Elkow, Jake Tobin Garrett, Lisa Konopski)

Concurrent Breakout Sessions
Talk & Tour
  • TT-01: Downtown Winnipeg and the Market Lands: Building Opportunities for Heart, Art, and Soul (Johanna Chabluk, Michelle Kuly, Angela Mathieson, Liz Wreford)

Learning Tours
  • LT-06: Broadway Modernism (Susan Algie)
  • LT-08: North End Community Planning: Soul Revival? (Wins Bridgman, Chloe Chafe, Dennis Lewycky, Andrew Sannie, Tara Zajac)

Saturday, July 21

Plenary Speakers
  • KEY-2: Keynote Speaker – Zachary Mannheimer

Concurrent Breakout Sessions Talk & Tour
  • TT-02: Winnipeg’s Historic Exchange District: Reflections on Planning in Gritty Places (Paul Bell, Sabrina Janke, Murray Peterson)
Story Session
  • STORY-04: Story Session 4 (Patricia Dehnel, Ian Mauro, Aaron Murnaghan, Justin Preece)
  • STORY-05: Story Session 5 (Elicia Elliott, John Heseltine, Donald Hester)
Learning Tours
  • LT-09: A Long Time Coming: The Southwest Transitway, Bus Rapid Transit and Transit-Oriented Development (David Marsh, Bill Menzies, Bjorn Radstrom)
  • LT-10: The Landfills Next Door (Becky Raddatz)
  • LT-11: Seeding Soul in New Communities: How Investments and Planning are Creating New Places in Winnipeg (Robert Kostiuk, Richard Mahé)
  • LT-12: Top Secret Delta9 Cannabis Facility Tour

Sunday, July 22

Story Session Concurrent Breakout Sessions Keynote Speaker
  • KEY-3: Keynote Speaker – Paul Kennedy