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Planning for Social Housing

01/23/2020 Patrica Maloney RPP, FCIP
Shad Mayne RPP, MCIP

Archana Vyas RPP, MCIP

Indro Bhattacharyya RPP, MCIP

Dr. Shelagh McCartney OOA, MRAIC, LEED AP
Michael Mckay
Winning Acceptance of Community Housing

Geo-Statistical Approaches to Realizing Affordable Housing

Community-Based Housing Metrics in the Nishnawbe Aski Nation
Heritage and Planning
02/26/2020 Chris Wiebe

Elizabeth Cushing

Ragavan Nithiyanantham

Lesley Collins RPP, MCIP
Heritage Protection & Adaptation

Proactive Heritage Conservation in the Planning Process

Navigating Controversial Changes to Heritage Places
Planning and Rural Futures

03/26/2020 John Steil RPP, FCIP

John Turvey RPP, MCIP

Emily Hansen

Kristi Tatebe RPP, MCIP
Ontario's Agricultural Systems Approach: Improving Farmland Protection & Supporting a Thriving Agri-Food Sector

Planning for Food Systems
Planning for Health and Well-Being

Resources from presenters:
CIP resources:
04/22/2020 Mikael St-Pierre, Urbaniste

Keltie Craig RPP, MCIP

Peter Marriott

Dr. Sagar Shah PhD, AICP
Active Neigbourhoods Canada

Vancouver's Healthy City Strategy

APA-Metrics for Planning Healthy communitie
Land Use Planning for Flood Risk Areas

Resources from CIP:
Policy on Climate Change Planning
Annotated Bibliography-CIP Climate Change Committee
National Professional Associations Support Integrated Climate Action

Resources from presenters:
Addressing the New Normal: 21st Century Disaster Management in British Columbia
Kelowna's Community Climate Action Plan
Surrey Coastal Flood Adaptation Strategy
Summary report on coastal flooding and climate change
Green Waterfront Design-Charrette report
Asset Management BC-Primers
ACT-SFU-Low Carbon Resilience 
05/21/2020 Yannick Blain, NRCan

Ken Forrest, RPP, MCIP

Cathy LeBlanc, RPP, MCIP
Fredericton and the St.John River-The Beautiful and Bountiful (But Dangerous) River

Bouncing Forward in BC
Planning and Financial Viability 08/27/2020 Enid Slack

Dr. David Amborski, RPP, MCIP

Kalen Anderson, RPP, MCIP

Christine Ono
Municipal Finance and Planning

Understanding Land Economics: Financial Impacts of Planning Tools

Edmonton City Plan

Inclusionary zoning-City of Toronto
Planning and Social Equity & Diversity

Resources from presenters:

09/23/2020 Commisioner Mitchell J. Silver, FAICP

Dr. Orly Linovski, Ph.D., RPP, MCIP

Livia Balone RPP, MCIP
Planning for Equity and Diversity

Integrating Equity in Transportation Planning-Reflections from Community--Based Research

Edmonton's Zoning Bylaw Renewal Initiative and the GBA+ and Equity Toolkit
Making Technology Work for Planners

10/29/2020 Jean-Noé Landry

Lindsay Wiginton, RPP, MCIP

Jeff Knott, BA
Jocelynx Cadieux, MES 
Kasper Koblauch, RPP, MCIP
Transportation Innovation at the City of Toronto

Digital Twins-A Tool for City-Building

Integrating openness into our (open smart) cities
Planning and Climate Change

Resources from the World Resources Institute:

On C40's Inclusive Climate Action Resource Centre

On WRI's website-The Inclusive Climate Action Policy and Planning toolkit (7 downloads):

Resources from the Prairie Climate Centre:
Climate Atlas
Climate Change and Canada's Cities
Planning for Climate Change
Climate Atlas Guidebook

11/25/2020 Jillian Du, Knowledge and Data Analyst, World Resources Institute

Gordon Smith, RPP, MCIP, Director of Planning, Province of Nova Scotia

John Somers, Executive Director, Lead for Coastal Protection Legislation at N.S Environment

Dr, Ian Mauro, Executive Director, Prairie Climate Centre
Inclusive Climate Action Planning

The Nova Scotia Municipal Flood Line Mapping Project
Planning for Transit Infrastructure 12/17/2020 Dr. Ren Thomas, Associate Professor, Dalhousie University

Dr. Steven Farber, Associate Professor, University of Toronto

Martin Robichaud, Transit planner, Québec City

Alejandro Calderon-Quintero, Urban Planner, Québec City
Transit-Oriented Development: Moving past barriers to implementation

Mobilizing Justice: Evidence Based Transportation Equity Policy

Le Tramway et son réseau