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Planning for Affordable Housing 
(Webinar recording)



For more information on the CBRM rental housing research, please contact:
  • Dr. Catherine Leviten-Reid (

For more information on the SSHRC-CMHC partnership grant, please contact:
  • William Roy (
01/26/2021 Zain Abedin

Dr. Catherine Leviten-Reid

Marlene Coffey, RPP, MCIP
Introduction to Step-by-step guide to Developing Affordable Housing

Rental Housing Research in a Smaller Community

Planning for Housing Affordability
How to Plan for Intelligent Communities
(Webinar recording)

02/25/2021 John Jung

Alison Burgess

Dr. Emily Grisé
From Smart Cities to Intelligent Communities

Durham's Intelligent Communities

Urban Air Mobility: Opportunities and implications for planning in Canada
COVID-19: A Year in Perspective and Lessons Learned
(Webinar recording)
03/11/2021 Aaron Lao & Belle Cheung
(City of Vancouver)

Inge Roosendaal, RPP, MCIP
(City of Ottawa)

Adrian Van Wyk
Elysia Ackroyd
Leena Lamontagne-Dupuis
COVID-19-Resource Toolkit: A Guide for Canadian Planners and Urbanists

Connecting Across Cultures: Innovation on Racial Equity in Emergency Response

OPH, Urban Planning & Pandemic Resiliency
Planning for Climate Change
(Webinar recording)


Accounting for Natural Assets in Local Government: A Low Carbon Resilience Approach

Low Carbon Resilience Interventions: Case studies at the building negibhourhood and community levels

Nokiiwin Tribal Council
Adaptation Quick Guide

More knowledge sharing and adaptation planning tools available at: Up North on Climate 

City of Surrey
Surrey Coastal Flood Adaptation Strategy (CFAS) Summary (Video shown in presentation)

More information about the Surrey Coastal Adaptation Strategy can be found at

04/22/2021 Dr. Deborah Harford
(ACT/SFU Faculty of Environment)

Dr. Alison Shaw

Erica Tropea
(Nokiiwin Tribal Council)

Carla Stewart RPP, MCIP
(City of Surrey)

John Ingram RPP, MCIP
(Eco Plan International)
Climate Action that Multiplies-LCR best practice in local government policy and planning

Connecting Traditional Knowledge to Climate Adaptation Strategies in Northern Ontario First Nation Communities

Surrey Coastal Flood Adaptation Strategy (CFAS)
Planning for Active Transportation
Webinar recording)

05/20/2021 Andy Fillmore, MP for Halifax (Moderator)

Dr. Ahmed El-Geneidy
(McGill University)

Chris Bruntlett
(Dutch Cycling Embassy)

Armi De Francia
(Town of Ajax)
This session was a panel discussion.
CIP Webinar Series-National Indigenous History Month

Webinar recordings

Community-Based Decision Making Through Land Use Planning under Land Codes

Community Driven, Nation Based - A New Approach to Health and Wellness Planning with BC First Nations


Adam Wright, RPP, MCIP (Planner, Land Code Governance, First Nations Land Management Resource Centre)

Stephen McGlenn (Specialist, Land use Planning & Curriculum Delivery, First Nations Land Management Resource Centre)

Jessica Hill (Senior Specialist, Community Developement, First Nations HealthAuthority)

Katie Skelton (Manager, Community Development, First Nations Health Authority)
Community-Based Decision making through land use planning under land codes
(June 22, 1:00pm-2:30pm EDT)

Community Driven, Nation Based - A New Approach to Health and Wellness Planning with BC First Nations
 (June 23, 1:00pm-2:30pm EDT)
Zoning, Equity, and Human Rights: Lessons from Edmonton

Webinar recording

07-06-2021 Livia Balone RPP, MCIP (Director, Edmonton Zoning Bylaw Renewal Initiative)

Jason Syvixay RPP, MCIP (Lead Zoning Bylaw Renewal Strategist, City of Edmonton)

Dr. Sandeep Agrawal RPP, MCIP
(Professor and Director at the School of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Alberta)

Felipe Canavera (Planner I, City of Edmonton)

Moderator: Lyla Peter RPP, MCIP
(Director, Development Approvals and Inspections, City of Edmonton)
Zoning, Equity, and Human Rights: Lessons from Edmonton