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Indigenous approaches to planning in First Nation communities

Resource from Elaine
06/22/2020 Elaine Alec
Sandra Martin Harris
Integrating Land, Health, Wellness (CCP)
Land management, planning and Indigenous communities 06/23/2020

Bruce McIvor
Bonnie Bartlett
Dr. Brian Tucker

Developing collaborative relationships during times of adversity; focusong on equity and inclusion - Panel Discussion

Indigenous Seniors and CPP
ayisīnowak: A Communications Guide
Tenille Thomson
Warren Isbister -Bear
Brad Bird
Gilbert Kewistep (Elder)
Panel discussion-The panelists did not have a PPT presentation
Remodeling people's relationship with land

Land and People's relationship model
06/25/2020 Joe Copper Jack (Elder)  
Approaches to tackling Climate Change through land use planning (Pt.1), and Indigenous planning-stories from Vancouver (Pt.2) 06/26/2020
Kamala Todd
Jocelyn Joe-Strack
The presenters did not have PPT presentations