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Global Planners Network

In 2006, CIP's collaboration with other international planning organizations led to the launch of the Global Planners Network, a forum for sharing best planning practices, strengthening personal and institutional networks, and finding ways to bring planners together.


Its goals are:

  • to develop and share a global planning knowledge base;
  • to further develop the world's capacity for and understanding of planning;
  • to define the concepts of sustainability and sustainable human settlements;
  • to promote human equity and empowerment in planning; and
  • to engage new partners committed to the values of the Vancouver Declaration and the work of the Network.

The Vancouver Declaration, which developed out of the 2006 World Urban Forum, recognizes the switch from a rural to an urban majority in global population, and highlights the rapid increase in urbanization, slum development and urban poverty. It asserts that sustainable development requires sustainable urbanization, which in turn depends on effective planning. It also affirms that political will and targeted investment are needed for effective planning, and that both urban and rural development must be more sustainable in order to realise the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

The 2012 Sixth World Urban Forum in Naples, Italy gave rise to the Network's Naples Declaration, which affirms the role of planning in responding to increasing global urbanization and in promoting social and economic growth. It also calls for taking more integrated planning approaches across rural and urban areas, protecting ecosystems and combating the effects of climate change. As well, it urges water management plans and better governance at all levels for planning and investment decision-making.

The 2014 World Urban Forum in Medellin, Colombia focussed on the topic Urban Equity in Development—Cities for Life.