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Transportation - how people and goods will move through space and with what impacts - is one the most important issues for planners. In both urban and rural communities, transportation affects the environment, the economy, human health and social conditions.

Because of the environmental costs associated with energy use and urban sprawl, CIP is working with the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) to improve collaboration between Canada's public transit and planning communities. Together they are advancing sustainable transportation as the primary solution to urban mobility. CIP is also working with the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) to pursue shared interests in topics such as climate change, healthy and vibrant communities, mobility and sustainability.

Canadian and global studies have shown that the built environment of urban communities affects residents’ health. Environments that include active transportation and physical activity infrastructure are associated with more active lifestyles and healthier communities. For that reason, planners include both health and active transportation goals in community plans.

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