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Elevation 2.0 - SS-01: Land Use Planners and Doughnuts: How We Can Use the Doughnut Economy Framework

July 05, 2022 | Posted byPublié par : CIP | 2.0, Elevation
In 2017, British economist Kate Raworth published her paradigm-shifting book, Doughnut Economics. A bestseller, it influences how we look at economics as well as social and environmental policy and land use planning. The framework has been embraced by Amsterdam and a bevy of other cities – Brussels, Portland, Philadelphia – and the first city in Canada, Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. The doughnut envisions a ‘sweet spot’ where basic human rights and needs – what Raworth calls the “social foundation” – are met without people falling into a hole while at the same time respecting Earth’s carrying capacity. She contends that not only are many basic needs not being met by our current economy, but that we are in a condition of ecological overshoot as manifested by the climate crisis. So, what does this all have to do with land use planning? Planners address basic human needs, such as housing. Moreover, how cities are built has enormous implications for climate change, air pollution, retention or destruction of habitat, and overall environmental and social resilience. In this panel discussion, planners will learn to apply the “doughnut economic framework” in their day-to-day work.




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