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Planning Network

Provincial and Territorial Institutes and Associations

CIP maintains close relationships with all of the planning Provincial and Territorial Institutes and Associations (PTIAs) across Canada. The PTIAs are responsible for governing the rights and responsibilities of their members and setting and upholding the criteria for professional planners within their jurisdictions.

Atlantic Planners Institute

President:Meredith Cooper RPP, MCIP
Executive Director:Michelle MacDonald

Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Professional Planners

President:Julia Schwarz, MCIP
Executive Director:Michelle MacDonald

Prince Edward Island Institute of Professional Planners

President:Samantha Murphy RPP, LPP, MCIP
Executive Director:Michelle MacDonald

New Brunswick Association of Planners

President:Andrew Smith RPP, MCIP
Executive Director:Michelle MacDonald

Licensed Professional Planners Association of Nova Scotia

President:Greg Zwicker LPP, MCIP
Executive Director:Katharine Privett 

Ordre des urbanistes du Québec

President:Sylvain Gariépy urbaniste
Executive Director:Hélène Lefranc

Ontario Professional Planners Institute

President:Paul Lowes RPP, MCIP
Executive Director:Susan Wiggins

Manitoba Professional Planners Institute

President:Andrew Mok
Executive Director:Geoff Powell

Saskatchewan Professional Planners Institute

President:Maggie Schwab RPP, MCIP
Executive Director:Sarah Taylor

Alberta Professional Planners Institute

President:Khalid Mohammed RPP, MCIP
Executive Director:MaryJane Alanko

Planning Institute of British Columbia

President:Emilie Adin RPP, MCIP
Executive Director:David Crossley

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