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Strategic Plan & Impact

1,835 Days of Impact

With optimism and pride, CIP rolled out a new five-year Strategic Plan in 2022. We also refreshed our Mission, Vision, and Values.

Committed to Impact – Our Strategic Priorities

1,835 Days of Impact reflects our intention and commitment to using our collective powers for good, and creating positive change every day over the next five years.

Integrated Action on Complex Issues

Strengthening our advocacy efforts in climate change and healthy communities, as well as a new commitment to housing.

More Equitable Planning, Together

Acknowledging that historical planning practices have been part of the problem, we are continuing our journey in reconciliation and equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), in order to be part of the solution.

Career Support for Life

CIP ensures there’s resourcing available for planners throughout their professional lifecycle. We will support the diverse needs of our members so they can have long, effective, satisfying careers.

CIP will be a stronger voice on key issues and policy that will change our world. Our aim is to change the face of planning through more equitable planning and career support for life.

Fitting Into the Bigger Picture

We deliberately separated out what is truly strategic from our day-to-day operations and continuous improvement efforts. Our Plan reflects the larger, strategic change agenda, representing a point of focus for Director time and attention to help shepherd it forwards. 

As defined by our Mission, CIP will continue to support members and the larger Canadian planning ecosystem, including working closely with our partners and the Provincial and Territorial Institutes and Associations for greater collective impact.

The Journey is Our Destination

The Strategic Plan is a roadmap, as well as a living document, laying the foundation for 1,835 days of focused impact. As part of our approach, we’re intentionally being more creative and agile, as we explore new ways of working together and measuring impact. It’s about progress over perfection.