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Strategic Plan

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OUR CIP: Strategic Plan was prepared with input from members and stakeholder groups. The purpose of this strategic plan is to set out the Institute's vision, mission, and objectives, and to establish practical strategic initiatives. Serving as a blueprint, the plan provides general direction to achieve the Institute's strategies and objectives over the next three to five years. 


Vision Statement: 

The leading and globally respected voice of Canadian professional planning. 


In support of an active and evolving professional planning profession, CIP will be involved in a broad range of activities including:

1. The development of relevant programs, products, and services that members need and value;
2. The development of public policy positions supported by advocacy and partnerships;
3. Communication and promotion of the profession, CIP programs, services, and advocacy efforts nationally and internationally.


To advance and raise the profile of Canadian professional planning, for our members in Canada and abroad, through leadership, advocacy, expertise, and education.