At the May 31, virtual Annual General Meeting, the following twelve individuals were confirmed as the 2023/2024 Board of Directors:

Region 1: BC/Yukon – Dan Huang RPP, MCIP
Region 2: Alberta/Northwest Territories/Nunavut – Adam Wright RPP, MCIP
Region 3: Saskatchewan – Laura Hartney RPP, MCIP
Region 4: Manitoba – Paul Bell RPP, MCIP
Region 5: Ontario – Ken Melanson RPP, MCIP
Region 6: Quebec – Daniel Mercer RPP, MCIP
Region 7: Atlantic – Gordon Smith LPP, MCIP, FCSLA
Academic: Janice Barry PhD, RPP, MCIP
Student: AJ Bimm
Director-at-Large: Jenna Schroeder RPP, MCIP
Director-at-Large: Doug Daniels RPP, MCIP
Director-at-Large: Lesley Cabott RPP, FCIP, ICD D

CIP also thanked Tonii Lerat RPP, MCIP, Mark Holland RPP, FCIP, Erin O’Neill, RPP, MCIP, Jeff Palmer RPP, MCIP, and Ren Thomas PhD, RPP, MCIP for their service during the 2022/2023 term. A donation to the CIP Diversity Impact Bursary was made in honour of their voluntary service.

CIP receives its strategic direction from its Board of Directors. The Board is made up of volunteers from across Canada, who are elected by CIP members. It is the duty of each Board member to represent the best interests of the entire CIP membership, regardless of their region of practice.

Find out more about the activities and impact of CIP by reading our 2022 Annual Report.