By: CIP Recognition Committee

Team: Lindsay Lyghtle Brushett, Ann-Marie Cashin and Ken O’Brien

Area of Planning: Municipal land-use planning

Tell us something interesting about yourself: St. John’s is an old city built around the harbour, with a lively downtown and extensive suburban areas, plus farmland and large watersheds – a real mix.

What’s new or exciting at work?: The City is about to adopt Envision St. John’s, its new municipal plan and development regulations, after lots of public input. One aim is to revitalize the planning approach so that neighbourhoods are built around a spine of open space with a variety of housing types.

What are your hopes for the next 100 years of planning?: We hope that our built heritage is still standing 100 years from now, and that our generation has bettered it with our contributions. We hope that everyone has a safe, secure home, and that George Street is still partying!