By: CIP Recognition Committee

Area of Planning: Municipal Planning

Tell Us Something Interesting About Yourself: In Grey County we have a wide array of planning matters we are responsible for, from agricultural planning, to small urban, to ski resorts. The job is diverse, which makes each day a learning opportunity.

What’s New or Exciting at Work?: Grey County just adopted a new Official Plan, Recolour Grey. During the planning process we went to great lengths to get public input including; a planning booth at community events, photo/design contests, and LEGO® planning exercises with kids. The Plan truly is a 20 year vision for the County.

What are your hopes for the next 100 years of planning?: Increased emphasis on places for people and planning at a human scale. Environmental sustainability also needs to be a focus in everything we do. The use of new and emerging technologies should help create a planning process which is more accessible and open to the public.