From 2016 to 2021, with financial support from Infrastructure Canada, the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) undertook the Climate Resilient Buildings and Core Public Infrastructure (CRBCPI) initiative. Working with more than 200 collaborators, CRBCPI produced ground-breaking work to integrate climate resilience into building and infrastructure design, guides, and codes. NRC continues to build upon the knowledge and partnerships established by CRBCPI under the Climate Resilient Built Environment (CRBE) initiative (2021-2026). 

This presentation will provide an overview of NRC’s research and development activities under CRBCPI and CRBE, including new data, tools, and guidance documents now available for use. It will spotlight the latest scientific evidence for future climate projections and ready-to-use climatic design datasets, and how these can be applied to the design of climate-resilient buildings and infrastructure. It will also highlight new guidance on coastal flood risk assessments and share early results on nature-based solutions for coastal resilience.