Canada’s mid-sized cities are growing up– demand for tall buildings is high, but there are many contextual, social and economic factors that challenge the design practices established by the existing standards found in our largest metropolitan areas. Not all areas are yet suited for compact point towers, or have a local industry whose product is compatible with a prescribed tower shape, size or height.

Lower tall buildings may still be prominent landmarks within traditionally lower rise areas as those areas build-out. Skylines are still works-in-progress, their identity uncertain, and can be dramatically altered by one or two new towers.

The City of Kitchener has developed design guidelines for tall buildings that speak to the aspirations and the realities of development in mid-sized cities. Our standards are adaptable, scalable, and inclusive of a variety of typologies, and our approach is one that focuses on the relationships between design elements (separation, overlook, relative height, placement, orientation, etc) to ensure good design while allowing Kitchener to find its own identity as it continues to grow up.

Presented by: City of Kitchener

Presenters: Dayna Edwards MCIP, RPP & Adam Clark