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Plan Canada Summer 2024 Issue

Is Canada water-wise?

Water supports our daily life. Integrated planning that accounts for the whole water cycle is integral for sustainable communities. As our climate changes, so does the water cycle. We are seeing more extreme precipitation events and devastating droughts. To accommodate for our changing water cycle, are we changing the way we plan for managing water, especially in our communities?  Water management is fundamentally an interdisciplinary practice and planners play an important role in collaborating across disciplines to integrate water needs into land use decisions.

The Summer 2024 issue of Plan Canada is interested in exploring all topics relating to integrated planning in support of water management. Share your best practices in water management and infrastructure planning, new and innovative policy approaches and how you are using an equity lens to improve approaches for integrated planning. Our objective for this issue of Plan Canada is raise awareness of how to increase collaboration to integrate water into our community planning. This issue will provide an opportunity for practitioners to learn from peers and water professionals about best practices, case studies, and research relevant integrating water management and urban planning.

This issue of Plan Canada is in partnership with the Canadian Water Network.

Plan Canada is seeking articles that explore a range of related issues, including but not limited to:

  • Floodplain, watershed planning and the management of coastal resources to keep residents safe,
  • The role of green infrastructure in urban water cycle management,
  • Water: planning for the extreme and building resilience,
  • Integrating the water servicing and urban planning silos for water-wise cities,
  • Green technologies such as water reuse and circularity,
  • Increasing urban densities and water needs,
  • Equity issues in access to safe drinking water,
  • And integrating water into our urban design.

The deadline for this issue is Friday, March 8, 2024.

Your co-leads are Sarah Ezzio RPP who works for the City of Ottawa, and Guest Editor Sandra Cooke, Director of Communities and Climate for the Canadian Water Network.

Submissions are now closed