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Planning Schools

Accredited Planning Program Directory

On this page, you will find listings of all the accredited university planning programs across Canada and more learning opportunities.

There are many different educational paths that can lead to a career in planning – ask a planner how they got into the field and each story will be as varied as the profession itself! Yet, some paths are more direct than others.

In Canada, accredited planning degrees are those recognized by the Provincial and Territorial Institutes and Associations (PTIAs), who regulate the profession, and which include many of the schools listed on this page, as well as accredited planning programs in the United States and Australia.

Choosing a School

Taking the step to apply to planning school is big and ultimately, it has to be the right fit. While there is a foundational curriculum offered, all schools have unique courses and learning opportunities, such as co-op placements and options relating to the programs’ instructional language (French and English). Accredited planning programs are also only delivered in person; therefore, you’ll need to consider location in making your choice. If you can, we recommend that you visit the campus, talk to current students, and speak to the graduates of the programs you’re interested in.