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CIP Representative Application

Members interested in applying for CIP volunteer opportunities may complete the application form below.

*Note: The operational language of CIP volunteer positions is English. Position descriptions and Terms of Reference are only available in English.

Current Opportunities

Commonwealth Association of Planners

We have an exciting opportunity to represent CIP as Vice-President on the General Assembly of the Commonwealth Association of Planners (CAP) for a two-year term. CAP seeks to develop the skills of urban and regional planners across the Commonwealth in order to meet the challenges of urbanization and the sustainable development of human settlements. 

CIP’s CAP Representative will be responsible for soliciting input from the membership, CIP Board of Directors, and/or CIP staff on behalf of CAP. Additionally, they will contribute to CIP and CAP publications and initiatives such as webinars, awards, and outreach activities. All CAP meetings and correspondence are conducted solely in English.

Applicants must be MCIP® in good standing. The deadline to submit your application is Wednesday, March 27, 11:59 p.m. PT.

This Application Form is now closed