Join CIP for a FREE Plan Evaluation webinar with Mark Season RPP, FCIP on November 17, 12:00 -1:30 p.m. EST. 

The goal of this webinar is to introduce session participants to the fundamentals of plan monitoring and evaluation. Planners are aware of the need to monitor the outcomes and impacts generated by their plans on a regular basis, with reference to key relevant indicators. The challenge is that planning practitioners are often unclear about how to evaluate their plans. Accordingly, there is a need to build plan evaluation capacity.
This webinar is designed to (a) review key plan evaluation concepts and processes; (b) discuss the characteristics of useful indicators; and (c) consider factors that can impede or facilitate effective plan evaluation.
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About the Speaker:
Mark Seasons PhD, RPP, FCIP is an experienced lecturer and presenter in academic and practitioner learning environments. His presentations reflect experience acquired in two related careers: as a policy planner in the public sector, and then as a faculty member with the School of Planning at Waterloo. Mark’s research interests and course development background includes planning for climate change, downtown revitalization, planning for no or slow growth, and plan evaluation. His new text (Evaluating Urban and Regional Plans: From Theory to Practice, UBC Press) was published in March 2021.